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Spring is coming, which means taking advantage of the beautiful sights, restaurants, and boutiques that St. Paul has to offer. As a moving company, we do our best to get to know all areas of our cities and states so we are well versed and ready to jump into action when it’s time…it also doesn’t hurt to know the best places to grab a bite. Our St. Paul Movers have helped a variety of businesses and families around the city, and we have come to find our favorite recommendations along the way.

1.    Nina’s Coffee Shop
We love this quaint little corner shop that lives within the Blair Arcade. It’s old school charm and knowledgeable staff makes it a great place to meet friends or even catch up on some work.  You better get a seat early, the locals all know and love Nina’s and it fills up fast!

2.    Summit Avenue
If you want to take a relaxing stroll in St. Paul, Summit Avenue is the first choice. Gorgeous historical homes line the street boasting unique incredible architecture and original beauty.  Those spring time runs will be scenic and exciting down this street.

3.    The Buttered Tin
We’re a big fan of brunch. We like to think we’re pretty picky about our brunch, too, so it can be hard to impress us. Finding this gem nestled in Lowertown St. Paul was a dream come true. The brunch is flavorful and unique, and we guarantee, you’ll be walking out with at least 5 bakery items.

4.    The Commodore Bar
This bar is tucked away in a hotel, and if you happened to wander by, you’d never know that this hidden treasure was inside. The Commodore brings the 20’s back to life with its old glamour and speakeasy style. It was even frequented by F. Scott Fitzgerald + Zelda Fitzgerald.

5.    Café Latte
If you have a sweet tooth and haven’t visited Café Latte on Grand Avenue, you are most definitely missing out. Grab a cup of coffee and a slice (or two) from one of their many delicious layered cakes. Our tip? Avoid lunch times, Café Latte is extremely sought after and often gets packed during those times.

6.    The Science Museum
Whether you’re going for the kids or going for yourself, The Science Museum will have you engaged and fascinated for hours on end. There’s a constant flow of hands on exhibits that let you have fun and learn at the same time.

7.    The Blue Door Pub
It may be a wait to get in, but the wait is certainly worth your while.  You have the option of trying some of the most creative combinations of burgers you could imagine. From the original Juicy Lucy to the Jiffy Burger (yes, it does include peanut butter), each burger is mouthwateringly delicious.  Keep an eye out on their website, their rotating burger specials are usually a once in a lifetime treat.

8.    Como Zoo + Conservatory
The spring is an extra special time for Como Park, as new flowers bloom and come to life in the enclosed glass conservatory. Take a few hours to roam around and enjoy the hundreds of different plant species. If you’re looking for the perfect Instagram photo, you’ll most definitely find it here. Once you’re done there, you can hop on over to the attached zoo to meet all of your favorite creatures.

9.    Saints Game
Keep it local and take family or friends to game at the new Saint Paul Saints Stadium. It’s truly a day out with an unreal selection of local craft beers and food, and a variety of people to befriend. You’ll also see the skyline of beautiful downtown St. Paul. And who knows, you may even see co-owner Bill Murray at a game!

10.    Cossettas
When it comes to Italian food, everyone knows Cossettas is a go-to. They play the game a little differently with their cafeteria style eating, but it allows you to try a variety of different meals and get fresh made food quickly. The authentic recipes and flavorful tastes will have you going back for more and more. If you don’t get full on 5 pounds of pasta, you can always head to their pasticceria to pick out treats that range from tiramisu to gelato.

11. Xcel Energy Center
A personal favorite for us, as we are the Preferred Movers of The Minnesota Wild! We always love to roam downtown and catch a game with our favorite hockey team. You’ll be impressed by the size and atmosphere of the Xcel, and the energy of the crowd will make every game a fun experience.

Though we help make moves all over the state, St. Paul is one of our favorites. Spring is one of the best seasons to roam and explore the city, and the locals are friendly and more than happy to give suggestions on their favorite stops. As St. Paul movers, we couldn’t be more proud of the businesses and people that make up such a wonderful place.

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