Local Spa’s and SEO?


Are you a local spa in the St. Paul or Minneapolis area?

Are you a local spa in the united states?


If you are then you are aware that the majority of your traffic is coming from the internet.  As a spa owner you have to be all over the internet locally to be found.  clients now a days are sitting on their phone 24/7 and finding you online and on the phone.

So many people book spa visits and outing with friends at last minute and how do they find these spa’s in their location? They Google them…

Spas are a nice way to relax and chill amongst friends and family and just unwind and allow your body to relax and sip in some bubbly.

If you have not been to a spa in a while you deserve and owe it to yourself to go.  The spa’s and treatments have changes so much. Spa’s now are making it more of an entertain area and a place to stay and hang out.

It is not uncommon to spend all day at the spa getting your toes done, fingers and face.  With magazines, trash television and friends you can almost lose yourself in the spa experience.

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